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Bio-Medical Consultancy

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What We Offer

Scope of Services:


  • Designing Protocols for biomedical equipment, machinery operating, in-house servicing, outsourcing servicing, and Inventory Management.

  • Service management

  • Design, implement, modifying Standard operating protocols for end users of biomedical equipment.

  • Auditing biomedical asset Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly.

  •  Designing and implementing various relevant formats for staff and end-users.

  • Finalizing AMC-CMC, Labor Contract, Assurance, and on-call paid Service.

  • Calculating Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly operative expenses (OPEX) of biomedical Engineering. Dept. Maintaining Biomedical store with in-out and inventory register.

  • Insuring Standards of Hospital, NABH, and other protocols for Biomedical Engineering. Dept.

  • Maintaining Critical Care Equipment, routine self-test pass, and normal and chemical disinfecting.

  • Designing safety test protocols for equipment.

  • Making Business Justification for each Biomedical Equipment and scrutinizing it on a monthly, Quarterly basis.

  • Defining biomedical equipment Life, steps, and protocol for increasing life, also making protocol for scraping, and Re-sell of biomedical Equipment.

  • Drafting Budget of CAPEX and OPEX for the financial year.

  • Provide training-related Operation instruction for Equipment, Care of equipment, Equipment shifting, etc.

  • Preventive Maintenance Plan For every piece of equipment (Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, and yearly).

  • Immediate response to emergency calls (24/7).

Hospital And Health Care

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